Bart, Brian - Future Vision (Rem.)

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Bart, Brian - Future Vision (Rem.)
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The 1987 solo album by the founding member of 'Dare Force', which has so far only been released on cassette ~ as a 2023 remastered CD release with 17 songs from 'Melodic Rock Classics' limited to 500 copies!
1. Electricity
2. Post Toastie
3. Stay The Night
4. Evil
5. Can You See The Light
6. Future Vision
7. Living On The Edge
8. Get The Best Of You
9. Voice Inside Your Head
10. One More Chance
11. She Knows How To Use It
12. What Do You Want
13. Machines
14. Renaissance
15. Bells / Flamingo Blues
16. Phantom Of The Opera
17. The Ocean
Melodic Rock Classics 2023
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