Gardner, Hirsch - My Brain needs a Holiday (2-CD)

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Gardner, Hirsch - My Brain needs a Holiday (2-CD)
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2017er Album des New England Drummers ~ als Bonus CD das remasterte 2002er Debütalbum `Wasteland For Broken Hearts´ !
CD 1:
1. Lost in the Darkness Tonight
2. My Brain Needs a Holiday
3. Git it Back
4. Love Is
5. Do Me Do Me
6. If you need t talk
7. Diamond Moon
8. Shadows
9. Sister Jane
10. Whiter shade of Pale
CD 2:
(2002er ALBUM)
1. Wasteland for broken hearts
2. Don t you steal
3. She is love
4. Thunder in her heart
5. Bad cowboy
6. When the sky cries
7. Your love
8. Hold you in my dreams
9. Never love
10. Welcome home
11. More than you ll ever know
12. Welcome home (reprise)
Escape Music 2017
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