Roxx Gang - Boxx of Roxx (3-CD)

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Roxx Gang - Boxx of Roxx (3-CD)
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A homage to this phenomenal band with a 3 disc set = Boxx Of Roxx. Disc 1: are all rare and previously unreleased gems, spanning the band's history from earliest studio recordings to their fiery end. Disc 2: is a never-before-heard Roxx Gang live in Dallas, Texas bootleg from the US tour "Things You've Never Done Before". Finally, Disc 3: contains the entire Roxx Gang video output, from MTV favorites "No Easy Way Out" and "Scratch My Back" to the uncensored, X-rated "Startrip" video.
Roxx Gang Disc 1 – Rough Diamonds
1. Scratch My Back (radio edit)
2. No Easy Way Out (radio edit)
3. Danger
4. Kill Or Be Killed
5. Ballbreaker
6. Hot Shot Of Love
7. Into The Black
8. Steals My Heart Away
9. Time To Rock
10. Seven Deadly Sins
11. Rockin’ Horse
12. Who s Your Daddy?
13. Santa Claus Is Back In Town
Roxx Gang Disc 2 – Rare Live Bootleg Live At The Basement Dallas, TX 5/29/89
1. Race With The Devil
2. Daddy’s Farm
3. Fastest Gun In Town
4. Nine Lives
5. Ball n Chain
6. Red Rose
7. Live Fast Die Young
8. Hot ‘Lanta
9. Scratch My Back
10. No Easy Way Out
11. Need Your Sex
Disc 3 – The Videos (DVD)
1. No Easy Way Out
2. Scratch My Back
3. Time Bomb
4. Hot For Love
5. Tiger Lily
6. Star Trip
7. Red Rose
FnA Records 2011
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