Sainted Sinners - Same

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Sainted Sinners - Same
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The 2017 hard rock album with former Accept and Bonfire shouters David Reece, Frank Pane (Bonfire) on guitar & the highly talented jack-of-all-trades Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell) on keyboards, Malte Frederik Burkert (Biest) on bass and Berci Hirlemann on the Drums!
1. Knight Of The Long Knives
2. Beauty In The Beast
3. Maybe She's Got Balls
4. We Are All Sainted Sinners
5. Blue Lightning Man
6. The Love That I Have Found
7. Did You
8. In Need
9. Evangeline
10. Shine Diamond Girl
11. Truth Is A Lie
El Puerto Records 2017
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