Brinker - Alloy Rock

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Brinker - Alloy Rock
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For the first time on CD, the 1985 album by drummer and namesake Ray Brinker & guitarist Andy Timmons (Danger Danger), originally only released as a limited cassette ~ as a 2023 remastered CD release with 6 bonus tracks!
1. Your Love
2. Just Missing You Tonight
3. Dreams & Yesterday
4. Feelin'
5. The Storm
6. Forget It
7. Give It All Away
8. Love Is Too Good for Me
9. Can't Go on
10. World Bathed in Red
11. Don't Hold Back
12. Can't Stop It
13. Let Me Out to Play
14. Tell Me Why
15. Carry Me Back
16. Runaway Girl
17. Fight
18. Winner
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