Memory Lane - Same

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Memory Lane - Same
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2023, an album compiled by guitarist Martin Slott (Push / Martie Peters Group) & Ken Anthony with 11 songs in a pure street/blues/hard rock style of the 80s with singers such as Gary Jefferies (Asphalt Ballet), Torben Schmidt (Skagarack ), D.K. Revelle (Jetboy, Kickin' Valentina), Joe Edwards (ex Kickin' Valentina), Michael Steene (Iron Fire), Ivan Grossmeyer (Rip & Tear), Martin Peters (Push, Sateria), Chris Houdini (Notorious) and Shawn Michael Shotton (Justice), a tribute to bands like Cinderella, Blackeyed Susan, Britny Fox and Faster Pussycat ~ now available as a limited edition of 500 copies!
1. Paid my dues (Gary Jeffries)
2. Detention Hotel (Martie Peters)
3. Pleasure House (Joe Edwards)
4. Dream away (Torben Schmidt)
5. Temple of Rock (Martin Steene)
6. Rebels to Royalty (D.K. Revelle)
7. New Kid in Town (Chris Houdini)
8. Angel Song (Shawn M. Scotton)
9. Breaking Ground (Joe Edwards)
10. In my Blood (Ivan Grossmeyer)
11. Big Shot Rodeo (D.K. Revelle)
Steelheart Records 2023
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