Gimmix - Gimme your Gimmix

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Gimmix - Gimme your Gimmix
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Coming to CD for the first time, the previously cassette-only 1990 album + songs from the 1989 EP by the U.S. Hair / Glam Metal band, which were sought-after collector's items in the scene ~ as 2023 CD release with 7 bonus tracks!
1. Gimme Your Gimmix
2. Only A Fool
3. Lost In You
4. Carry Me Away
5. One On One
6. Too Much
7. Want You To Know
8. Lost Innocence
9. I Can’t Wait
10. Beach Song
11. One On One (EP Version)
12. Only A Fool (EP Version)
13. I Can’t Wait (EP Version)
14. Lost Innocence (EP Version)
15. One On One (Demo)
16. Only A Fool (Demo)
17. Lost Innocence (Demo)
Metallic Blue Records 2023
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