Whisper Alley - Up Yer Alley

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Whisper Alley - Up Yer Alley
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Vol. 15 of 'Lost U.S. Jewels' with the works of the U.S. Sleaze / hair metal rockers from the beginning of the 90s who completely disappeared because of the grunge rock sound that was popular at the time. For the first time on CD the 6 songs from the '92 demo cassette 'Disturbing The Piece' & 4 unreleased tracks from 1993 ~ as a digitally remastered 2022 CD release from the 'Lost US Jewels' Collectors series, as always limited to 500 copies!
01. Whisper Alley
02. I´ve Paid My Dues
03. Take It To The Top
04. Runnin´ For Yer Life
05. Drunken Knights
06. Keep It Up All Nite
07. You´e Gonna Get What´s Coming To You
08. It Ain´ Easy
09. Rock Your World Tonight
10. Pretty Boy Attitude
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