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The customer account from the old shop no longer exists here in the new shop.

You have to create a new customer account or send me a short email to transfer the data from the old shop. If you wish to take over, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a request to assign a new password! Please then check your data in the customer account and provide all necessary information such as confirmation of the data protection declaration, transfer of data to DHL for shipment tracking, etc.!

Registration with e-mail addresses from .gmail is unfortunately not possible, the shop does not accept them!



It will take a while until all products with details (especially in the English version, I have to do everything by hand) are completely back in the shop.

For the moment you can search in the German version and switch to the English version in the shopping cart to complete the order.

You will receive your correct prices (outside the EU without VAT) after entering your address data in the shopping cart.

NEW FUNCTION: For registered customers in the new shop, the loyalty discount achieved is displayed in the customer account and automatically deducted when the order is placed.

PayPal / credit card payment is now included.


Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
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Differential taxation according to paragraph 25a UStg, plus delivery