Rods, The - Let them eat Metal (Rem.)

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Rods, The - Let them eat Metal (Rem.)
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The awesome 84 Melodic Heavy Album with: David "Rock" Feinstein & Carl Canedy & Garry Bordonaro ~ as a digitally remastered 2020 re-release from 'Rock Candy Records' with 4 bonus tracks!
1. Let them eat Metal 
2. White lightnin' 
3. Nuclear skies 
4. Rock warriors 
5. Bad blood 
6. She's so tight 
7. Got the fire burnin' 
8. I'm a rocker 
9. She's such a bitch 
10. You'd better run 
11. Life on the edge 
12. Evil woman / Popeye's Drum Solo 
13. Too hot to stop
Rock Candy Records 2020
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