Taz - Shipwrecked / Vol. 2

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Taz - Shipwrecked / Vol. 2
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For the first time on CD, the complete recordings of one of the `hottest´ late 80s hair / glam metal bands from West Hollywood's Sunset Strip ~ Vol. 2 as a 2023 remastered CD release with the songs from the years 1988 - 1990!
1. Shipwrecked 
2. No Relation 
3. Desert Dog Night 
4. Father McGee 
5. Arizona River 
6. Day In, Day Out (Keep the Faith)
7. Lady Conniver 
8. Where the Angels Play 
9. Sink or Swim 
10. Day of the Dog 
11. Luvin' Girl 
12. Dogtown
13. Easy Come Easy Go (LIVE at the Whisky a Go Go) 
14. Let It Rain (LIVE at the Whisky a Go Go)
15. Round, Round, Round (LIVE at the Whisky a Go Go) 
16. Shoot Your Steam (LIVE at the Whisky a Go Go)
17. Cover Me in Roses (LIVE at Club Sasch) 
18. L.A. Danger Zone (LIVE at Gazzarris)
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