Hailmary - Disturbing the Peace

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Hailmary - Disturbing the Peace
Hailmary - Disturbing the Peace
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The almost forgotten 1991 album by the southern Californian (hair) metallers around Michael Olivieri, Geoffrey Gayer & Carey Howe (all ex-Leatherwolf) ~ now for the first time as a 2022 remastered re-release from `Eönian Records´!
1. Mr. Keeper
2. The Way I Am
3. Media Lobotomy
4. Be My Suicide
5. This Kid
6. Friends
7. Killing My Dreams
8. Crush Of Love
9. D.A.D.
10. I Don’t Understand (Demo)
11. What’s Your Civilization? (Demo
Eönian Records 2022
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