AOR - L.A. Reflection

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AOR - L.A. Reflection
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Das 2002er Album der A.O.R. Allstar-Band um Frédéric Slama & Tommy Denander ~ als 2012er ReRelease von YesterRock mit 2 extra Bonus Tracks !
1. If No One Cared
2. Sensation
3. Never Gonna Let Her Go
4. So Young And Innocent
5. A Quiet Storm
6. How Will She Find Her Way Back?
7. Worlds Away
8. Leave Her To Heaven
9. Dream Them Away
10. I Know You Too Well
11. Far Away From The Storm
12. 5492
13. Secrets In Her Heart
14. Never Gonna Let Her Go (Michael Landau Mix)
15. Listen To Your Heart
16. Mary Ann
YesterRock 2012
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