Kiss of the Gypsy - Same 2-CD (Rem.)

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Kiss of the Gypsy - Same 2-CD (Rem.)
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Das gesuchte 1992er Album der UK Melodic Rocker um Frontman Tony Mitchell mit dem Super-Hit: Infatuation ~ als 2024er 2-CD ReRelease mit Bonus CD !
CD 1 (Kiss Of The Gypsy 1992)
1-1  Whatever It Takes
1-2  Blind For Love
1-3  Easy Does It
1-4  Take This Old Heart
1-5  Infatuation
1-6  From The Dirt
1-7  Keep Your Distance
1-8  No Prize For The Loser
1-9  Comin' Back
1-10  Promised Land
CD 2 (Bonus Tracks)
2-1  Light Of Day
2-2  Always In My Heart
2-3  Straight Talk
2-4  Tough Enough
2-5  Infatuation (Extended Remix)
2-6  Easy Does It (Acoustic Version)
Bad Reputation 2024
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