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Craaft - Same
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Der legendäre 87er Melodic Rock Klassiker mit dem Superhit: I wanna look in your Eyes ~ jetzt als 2012er ReRelease mit 8 Bonus Tracks ! A MUST-HAVE !!!
1. I wanna look in your eyes
2. Breakin walls ain t easy
3. Hold me
4. You re the best thing in my life
5. I guess you are the number one
6. Stranger
7. Don t wanna wait no more
8. Now that you re gone
9. Wasted years
10. Cool town lovers
11. High, high, high
12. Takin my time
13. Don t wanna wait
14. Babe, you re the No.1
15. You re the best thing in my life
16. I m a mover
17. Cool town lovers
18. Hold me
YesterRock 2012
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