Aina - Living in a Boy´s World

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Aina - Living in a Boy´s World
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Super-geiler 2005er ReRelease des megararen 87er Female A.O.R. Klassikers aus Norwegen mit 5 Bonustracks - absoluter PFLICHTKAUF für alle Fans von: Annica & Erika & Tone Norum ! GET YOUR COPY NOW !!!
1. Intro
2. Rock Off
3. I Must Be In Love
4. Belive in me
5. Shot Down In Flames
6. You Babe You
7. Living In A Boy s World
8. A Love Forever Story
9. I Need To Know
10. Pleasure & Pain
Bonus Tracks :
11. Save Me Father
12. It s Raining It s Pouring
13. Too Good To Be True
14. If I Can t Have You
15. Shake You Good
MTM Music 2005
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