Body Electric - Walking through Walls

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Body Electric - Walking through Walls
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First Time ever on CD ! Absolutely brilliant 1987 A.O.R. Jewel in the Style of: Think out loud & The Arrows ! As 2003 `Escape Music´ Release with 5 Bonustracks !
1. Strangers In Love  
2. Liberty  
3. It Must Be Magic  
4. Lines Are Breaking Down  
5. Out Of The Blue  
6. Ordinary Madness  
7. I Don t Know Why  
8. Possessed  
9. Wafer Thin/Emotional Shock  
10. Fire And Ice  
11. I Think I m Falling
12. Nobody Touches Me Like You
13. After The Storm
14. Zero Gee
15. The Things You Didn t Do
Escape Music 2003
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