Paradise (US) - Do or die +2 (+DVD)

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Paradise (US) - Do or die +2 (+DVD)
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Das gesuchte 1992er Album der U.S. Glam- / Hair Metaller vom LA Sunset Strip ~ als limitierter & remasterter 2023er ReRelease mit 2 Bonustracks und Bonus DVD !
01. Nightmare
02. Voices
03. Firin' Line
04. Fever
05. Need A Little Love
06. Ghost Town
07. When You're Gone
08. I Want More
09. Undercover
10. You're 16
11. Love Machine
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Country Club Headliner 5/5/1990
Ghost Town
Need A little Love (Need Somebody)
I Want More
All I’m Living For
Talk To Me (w/ guitar solo)
Call On Me
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Can’t Get Enough (w /Adam Shore)
Led Zeppelin Medley (w / members of Shake City and Slam ‘N Groove):
Whole Lotta Love
Good Times Bad Times
The Ocean
Black Dog
Whole Lotta Love
20th Century Music 2023
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