91 Suite - Same

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91 Suite - Same
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Schmankerl-Records proudly presents: the Digital Remastered 2008 ReRelease of the wanted 2001 Killer-Debut from the spanish A.O.R. Masters in the Style of: Golden Farm meets Firehouse, mixed by Mark Mangold ~ incl. 4 Bonustracks ! The ultimate MUST-HAVE for each Melodic Rock Fan !!! We found some lost copies, NEW but not sealed !!!
1. The Day She Left
2. Down To You
3. Time To Say Goodbye
4. Lost In The Silence
5. Hard Rain
6. Chances
7. Hurt And Pain
8. All Is Gone
9. Give Me The Night
10. I Will Stand By You
11. Chance Of A Lifetime
12. Wherever I Am
13. Answer To My Prayers
(European Bonus Track)
14. Dreaming
(Japanese Bonus Track )
15. Un Dia Más
(Spanish Bonus Track)
16. Si El Mundo Tiene Un Fin
(Spanish Bonus Track)
Schmankerl-Records 2008
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