Snakes in Paradise - Garden of Eden (+ 5)

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Snakes in Paradise - Garden of Eden (+ 5)
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Very good 2nd Stroke from the scandinavian Melodic Rockers - now rereleased with 5 Bonustracks !
1. Seventh Wonder
2. Don’t Let Love Turn To Hate
3. Voice Inside
4. Child Of Yesterday
5. Gypsy In Your Blood
6. Key To Your Heart
7. Hard Day Long
8. Vagabond
9. I Want It All
10. Without Love
11. Can’t Let Go
12. Garden Of Eden
13. Break The Barriers To A New Dimension (Japanese bonus track)
14. New York City Sky (Japanese bonus track)
15. Life’s Been Good To U And Me (previously unreleased)
16. If Love Is A Game (previously unreleased)
17. Time To Say Goodbye (previously unreleased)
NL Distribution 2007
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