Place called Rage - Same

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Place called Rage - Same
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2012er Reissue des Mitte der 90er Jahre aufgenommen Rock Projekts von Al Pitrelli (Alice Cooper, Megadeth, T.S.O., Asia, Savatage), Tommy Farese (T.S.O.), Tommy Byrnes (Billy Joel), Danny Miranda (Blue Oyster Cult) & Chuck Bonfonte (Saraya) & vielen Gastmusikern wie z.B.: Mark Mangold (Touch/Drive She Said) !
1. I Know Where You Been
2. Place Called Rage
3. Trapped
4. Take It Lying Down
5. Someday
6. One Child
7. What These Eyes Have Seen
8. Can't Find My Way Home
9. Jenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
10. Thunderbox
11. We're Not Coming Home
12. Chained To A Maniac
Escape Music 2012
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