Alleycat Scratch - Deadboys in Trash City (+DVD)

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Alleycat Scratch - Deadboys in Trash City (+DVD)
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Der einst gesuchteste & teuerste Glam- / Sleaze Rock Klassiker Aller Zeiten ~ als 2010er ReRelease mit 2 Bonustrack & Bonus DVD von `FnA Records´ !
1. Stilletto Strut
2. Take A Bite (Outta Me)
3. Cats Got Your Tongue
4. Soul Survivor
5. Sexual Addiction
6. Love Sick Junkie
7. Cheap City Thrills
8. Roses On My Grave
9. Trash City
10. Plastic Dolls
11. Love Song
12 I Don t Like Mondays
live show from The Troubadour, some live footage from The Whiskey, and behind the scenes footage from the bands apartment and from their pyro show.
FnA Records 2010
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