Cher - Greatest Hits

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Cher - Greatest Hits
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Sehr gute 99er Best of Compilation mit 19 Hits wie z.B.: Believe, If I could turn back Time, I found Someone, Love & Understanding, The Shoop Shoop Song, I got you Babe, usw. usw.
1. Believe 
2. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) 
3. If I Could Turn Back Time  
4. Heart Of Stone   
5. Love And Understanding   
6. Love Hurts  
7. Just Like Jesse James   
8. I Found Someone   
9. One By One 
10. Strong Enough 
11. All Or Nothing 
12. Walking In Memphis 
13. Love Can Build A Bridge  
14. All I Really Want To Do  
15. Bang Bang 
16. Gypsies,Tramps And Thieves  
17. The Beat Goes On   
18. I Got You Babe 
19. Dov'e L'amore  [Emilio Estefan Jr. Mix]
Universal Music  1999


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