Magnum - Here comes the Rain

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Magnum - Here comes the Rain
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With their 2024 album, the English prove once again that they are capable of new greatness even after more than 50 years as a band. Led by founding members Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin (R.I.P.), the quintet once again delivers a powerful, classic hard rock work. Accurate riffs meet great melodies, refined by Bob Catley's unique voice.
1. Run into the Shadows 00:05:22
2. Here Comes the Rain 00:04:37 
3. Some Kind of Treachery 00:04:28 
4. After the Silence 00:04:34 
5. Blue Tango 00:05:26 
6. The Day He Lied 00:04:34 
7. The Seventh Darkness 00:04:41 
8. Broken City 00:04:39 
9. I Wanna Live 00:05:29 
10. Borderline 00:06:16
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