TNA - Same +8 (Rem.)

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TNA - Same +8 (Rem.)
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2023 re-release with an additional 8 previously unreleased bonus tracks from the 2011 released debut album of the U.S. Hard rocker with songs from the years 1988 - 1990, their sound from bands like Kiss and Aerosmith to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden was affected. TNA delivers hard-hitting riff rock, who gets straight to the point.
1. All Nite Long
2. Bump & Grind
3. Dirty Love
4. Don’t Fade Away
5. Don’t Look Back
6. Hard Way
7. I’m Already Gone
8. It’s Over
9. Just Another Day
10. It Don’t Come Easy
11. Take A Walk
12. You Cried Wolf
13.  Can’t Rape The Willing
14.  Crazy For Your Love
15.  Dus Enin (Right Now!)
16.  Gossip
17.  Sho Don’t Wanna
18.  You
19.  Folsom Prison Blues (Live At The Warehouse)
Eönian Records 2023
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