De Val, Gabriele - Kiss in the Dragon Night

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De Val, Gabriele - Kiss in the Dragon Night
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Her 2023 album is the 2nd solo album of the Spanish singer, it can boast well-known guests such as the singers: Mark Boals, Steve Overland, Mick Devine or Terry Brock & guitarists like Gary Pihl (BOSTON) & Steve Morris (EXPORT / HEARTLAND), as well as cultivated female fronted melodic rock!

1. Take on the World (3:39)
2. When Midnight Comes (with Mark Boals) (4:16)
3. Moonlight Shadow (3:45)
4. Kiss in a Dragon Night (with Robin McAuley) (4:13)
5. Pay For the Lonely Nights (3:46)
6. Fight For Love (with Mick Devine) (4:06)
7. Candle in the Window (4:11)
8. Stayin’ Alive (with Terry Brock) (3:38)
9. Fuel to the Fire (3:48)
10. Natural High (with Steve Overland) (3:38)
11. Let’s Get Something Started (3:35)
12. Hold On (with Mick Devine & Gary Pihl) (3:26)

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