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Air Pavilion - Sarrph cogh Air Pavilion - Sarrph cogh Sehr gesuchtes 94er Japan only Melodic Rock Project mit: Kelly Hansen (Vocals) & Tom Croucier (Bass) & Jay Schellen (Drums) ! rar ! CD 20.00 €
Brighton Rock - Love Machine (USED) Brighton Rock - Love Machine (USED) Brighton Rock´s gesuchtes 91er Album mit den Hits: Hollywood Shuffle + Cocaine (Coverversion des J.J. Cale Klassikers) ~ mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren ! CD 8.00 €
Fair Warning - Rainmaker  (Orig.) Fair Warning - Rainmaker (Orig.) Das gesuchte 2te Album als Original `WEA Music Germany´ Pressung mit 1 Song mehr als der 2006er ReRelease ! rar ! CD 15.00 €
Fair Warning - Same (USED) Fair Warning - Same (USED) Das rare 92er Debut Meisterwerk der Band um: Tommy Heart & Helge Engelke, mit den Hits: When Love fails, Out on the Run + The Heat of Emotion ~ Original WEA Press in little USED condition ! CD 10.00 €
From the Fire - Thirty Days and dirty Nights (Orig.) From the Fire - Thirty Days and dirty Nights (Orig.) Very rare & absolutely brilliant 1992 Melodic Rock Album from the U.S.A. in the Style of: Tyketto & Firehouse & Crown of Thorns - produced by: Jean Beauvoir ~ as original `Active Records´ Press ! CD 18.00 €
Hybrid Ice - No Rules (Orig.) Hybrid Ice - No Rules (Orig.) Very hard to get 1987 A.O.R. Classic from the U.S.A. ~ in the Style of: Santers / Avion / Hyts / Prism / Touch ~ as original `Pilot Records´ Press ! CD 30.00 €
Illusion - I like it loud Illusion - I like it loud Very good 2nd Album from the U.S. Melodic Rockers ~ now for the first Time ever available on CD ! CD 18.00 €
Lillian Axe - Love + War (Orig.) Lillian Axe - Love + War (Orig.) The mega-rare 2nd Masterpiece from Lillian Axe with the Superhits: Diana, The World stopped turning, Show a little Love etc. etc. ~ hard to get Original MCA Press / with a Cut-Out ! CD 18.00 €
Lillian Axe - Same (Orig.) Lillian Axe - Same (Orig.) Das gesuchte 88er Debut Album als Original `MCA Records´ Pressung ! rar ! CD 18.00 €
Marcello / Vestry - Same (USED) Marcello / Vestry - Same (USED) Sehr geiles 2008er Melodic Rock Project des Danger Danger Gitarristen Rob Marchello & dem Ex-Jack Starr Shouter Frank Vestry ~ der perfekte Stoff für alle Danger Danger Fans der ersten Stunden, 1 Copy in little USED Condition on Stock ! CD 7.00 €
Tokyo Blade - Same Tokyo Blade - Same Sehr geiles 84er Debut Album der britischen Kult-Band um Mastermind: Andy Boulton - als 97er ReRelease mit 5 Bonustracks ! CD 15.00 €